San Miguel:

30th and May 1st April 2013

Another exciting job in which we used Cape Town to represent multiple world destinations. This commercial doubled up as a launch pad for Mika’s track “Live Your Life”. Filmed in Barcelona, London and Cape Town, it is actually set all over the world.

Made like a music video, international and local musicians were cast to play the parts of the various characters that you’ll see in the video on our Home page.

Working with Wind Productions from Madrid, and director Dioniso Naranjo, it was a high energy shoot, and an advert in itself for the fact that Cape Town truly is a city that can be used to replicate so many worldwide destinations. In this case we used the city to create images of Scandinavia, New Orleans, New York, Australia, Santa Monica, New England and Africa – not bad for a little city at the tip of South Africa!

Director: Dioniso Naranjo
Client: San Miguel Brewery Incorporated
Agency: S, C, P, F …
International Production Company: Wind Productions

17 July 2013