23rd, 24th, 26th and 27th November 2012

This was a fantastic opportunity to collaborate with world-renowned director Harry Patarmanis, who lived up to his reputation and was an absolute pleasure to work with.

Yalla is the name of the commercial – it’s an Arabic word that basically means “Let’s go!” And that’s exactly what we did as we tore around Cape Town over the four days of shooting, having loads of fun in the process. Paintball scenes, go-karting, fireworks on the beach, diving into the Sea Point pool and trolley races were just a few of the scenarios involved – all the types of things that get the blood flowing.

We were shooting for two territories: Middle East and north Africa being one, and central Africa the other – using different casts for most of the set ups – so it was a case of “Cut, nice work, now lets get the other cast and do it all again!” With five locations per day this added a whole lot of bustling to an already challenging schedule.

Take a look at the version of the spot on our Home page – you’ll get a pretty good idea of all the Yalla-ing that we did to make this one a success.

Director: Harry Patarmanis
Client: Pepsi
Agency: Impact – DDBO Dubai
International Production Company: City Films

10 March 2013