Pepsi :

25th, 26th, 27th and 28th January 2014

The NOWERS are those fearless ones amongst us that don’t count to 3, they just GO, they live life to the full, in the NOW.

Teaming up again with City Films and second time this season with Director Emil Moller. This season’s Pepsi campaign had us Shark cage diving, Karaoke singing, cliff jumping, night swimming, Magic tricking and dancing like no-one was watching – a whole lot of fun and action jam packed in to 4 shooting days. The hunt was on for unique locations and fresh faces with some very special skills. With an all star international and local team working together around the clock, Cape Town yet again managed to provide for us with all the good things that make up what needs to be possible to pull a commercial such as this off.

Director: Emil Moller
Client: Pepsi Co. International
Agency: Impact BBDO
International Production Company: City Films

1 September 2014