10th and 11th January 2011

Atomik teamed up with Icelandic director, Thor Saevarsson, to shoot 2 new commercials for Kubus Poland.

The first spot required a mix of live action and postproduction to create a fantasy park with rolling hills, a sea made of balloons and complex wire rigging for the kids. All shot in Cape Town Film Studios. The design process saw our local Art team collaborate with a great design team from London.

For the second spot we required a boy who was a talented footballer, basketball player and break-dancer. To our surprised, we found a young boy who could hold his own with the best in each sport. As if that wasn’t enough, he then performed all his own stunts on set.

Director: Thor Saevarsson
Client: Brasil
Agency: Maspex, Warsaw
Intl. Production Co.: Pro Production, Poland

12 October 2012