9 March 2016

The Alps in Africa – this was the big challenge here, trying to find the right location as we were needed to recreate the luscious Alps during a very hard hitting nationwide drought at the end of our harsh summer. The budget was tight and Jan was expecting to have to do add a lot in post but ultimately we managed to find the quite perfect gorgeous location which meant he had to do very little (except a few snow capped mountains). The spot also required a beautiful old Bavarian cabin seating at the base of a mountain in lush rolling hills, fortunately we had production designer Mary Minty’s magic to create what was ultimately log cabin we all wanted live in (seriously!).

The location was quite remote so we had to ferry up the crew and clients as well as take up a brand new huge 4×4 120KW generator with us, the light however was so exquisite that ultimately DOP, Peter Meyer, didn’t need to pull a single light. The camaraderie on set was incredible and the planning meticulous so every element in production held tightly together with energy and humour, no lights needed as this was definitely but a shinning star in our season.

Director: Florian Meimberg
Client: Franziskaner
Agency: BBDO Group Germany
International Production Company: Rabbicorn

20 September 2016