Canada Dry:

23rd & 24th April 2012

Welcome back Slim Pictures & Nicolas Caicoya for a second time this season.

The last spot for Canada dry saw a vending machine being pulled from the ground, this time the creative team have presented an 8 year old girl the challenge of pulling a Canada Dry Bay Beverage Truck out of the ground.

No easy task, but after casting far and wide, we found a brilliant young girl strong enough for the job.

With the synergy of smart directing, stellar production support and coordination, flawless planning and execution from stunt SA and finishing at Method Post Production Studios inLA – our girl pulled our monster truck out of the ground with ease.

Director: Nico Caicoya
Client: Canada Dry
Agency: Leo Burnett, Chicago
Intl. Production Co.: Slim Pictures USA

12 October 2012