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Sodexo :

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Tymbark :

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The middle of summer brought on pool parties, beach parties and parties on airstrips… well that was what we were shooting anyway in what was an extremely busy January for us. Once again we united with Maspex, and for the first time director Amon Schulz, on 4 rather large Tymbark commercials.

These had all the toys – including the octocopter, supertechno, motion-control, phantom, scuba-cams, gimbles…; and with multiple night shoots, large casts, different stunts and various technical art department requirements – including a awesome 7,5m high slide into a pool!; they had all the elements and challenges that we thrive on.

If only we could have kept the awesome slide, what an adrenaline rush!

Director: Amon Schulz
Client: Tymbark
Agency: Twentyone | east – ‘Glowing Bottles’, ‘Extreme Slide’ and ‘Next’ ;  Brainbox – Fruits of the World
International Production Company: Maspex Wadowice


Pepsi :

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The NOWERS are those fearless ones amongst us that don’t count to 3, they just GO, they live life to the full, in the NOW.

Teaming up again with City Films and second time this season with Director Emil Moller. This season’s Pepsi campaign had us Shark cage diving, Karaoke singing, cliff jumping, night swimming, Magic tricking and dancing like no-one was watching – a whole lot of fun and action jam packed in to 4 shooting days. The hunt was on for unique locations and fresh faces with some very special skills. With an all star international and local team working together around the clock, Cape Town yet again managed to provide for us with all the good things that make up what needs to be possible to pull a commercial such as this off.

Director: Emil Moller
Client: Pepsi Co. International
Agency: Impact BBDO
International Production Company: City Films


In December we had yet another fantastic opportunity to work with the much loved Marken Film Team and director Hagen Decker on the next BKK campaign, our second of the year.

The timing of the shoot fell over a very poignant time in South African history, with both the passing of and the funeral for Mandela, whilst this did give rise to some unusual challenges these were smoothly and respectfully dealt with on what proved to be superbly fun and successful shoot.

Having the same proven, energetic crew as the previous commercials allowed for great collaborative environment on set, we can’t wait for them to come back!

Director: Hagen Decker
Client: BKK Mobil Oil Insurance
Agency: Engelmann & Kryschak Werbeagentur GmbH
International Production Company: MarkenFilm

Our island getaway… No trains but many, many planes and automobiles as Atomik travelled out both cast and crew to beautiful Mauritius to team up with perennial favourites Tony Petersen Film and director Emil Moller. Not too tough a time working under the island sun to capture the simply exquisite Thomas Cook hotels for their international “Erst Cooken” commercial.

Director: Emil Moller
Client: Thomas Cook
Agency: Heye GmbH
International Production Company: Tony Petersen Films